The Seibels Bruce Group, an insurance services provider of business process outsourcing solutions, and Centauri Insurance, a seasoned insurance provider using Seibels’ services, are pleased to announce that Centauri Insurance has recently expanded its range of products and services and increased its geographic market presence to nine states.

Centauri’s suite of insurance products now includes commercial residential and business owners’ programs in Florida and dwelling fire products in Texas and Mississippi. Additionally, the company launched a new website and social media pages to enhance their customers’ experience.

Centauri Insurance utilizes Seibels’ business process outsourcing services including policy administration, claims administration, technology, accounting and reporting services. Seibels’ services provide Centauri Insurance with the foundation needed to optimize service levels, improve agency relations and enhance operations.

"Utilizing Seibels’ insurance services allows us to improve processes, lessen everyday operating costs and focus on business development, which is a tremendous benefit to our growing company," said Ricardo A. Espino, President and CEO of Centauri Insurance.

"With the launch of Manage My Policy, we can provide our policyholders with an easy-to-use customer website that gives them convenient access to their policy. This is more important than ever in an age where consumers want to receive information quickly and seamlessly."

Manage My Policy is an interactive, self-service site that allows the policyholder to make a payment, review coverage details, download policy documents and obtain information related to their claim — all conveniently accessed online via the insured’s account.

"We are proud to see continued growth and success with Centauri Insurance, particularly as they launch products and technology in new states rapidly and efficiently," said Rex W. Huggins, Chairman and CEO of Seibels.

Seibels provides a suite of business process outsourcing solutions to the property and casualty insurance industry, including policy administration, claims administration, technology and accounting and reporting services.