US based insurance agency Securus has deployed FAST’s compensation management platform, in a bid to streamline its operations in complex industry environment.

According to the insurance distributor, it is leveraging FAST Insurance Components to support its innovative "Enrichment Program," which needs producer hierarchy management and production credit calculations.

The system also offers new business tracking and production reporting facility, thus allowing Securus to automatically process electronic feeds from multiple insurance carriers, claims Securus.

Securus president & CEO Matthew Goldberg said, "The new platform will improve our operational efficiency and reporting, ultimately helping us help our agents be more successful."

FAST COO John Gorman said, "Our technology and expertise in the development process made us the right choice for Securus. We are thrilled to have added Securus as a new client."

Headquartered in New Jersey, Securus has over 2,000 contracted agents across the US, all of whom are focused on providing solutions and services to their clients.