Secura Insurance, a regional property and casualty insurance carrier, has implemented Cover-All’s new policy administration functionality and Commercial Auto, to boost operational efficiencies, improve risk selection, price based on real-time pricing tools and, enhance user experience.

The insurer’s Commercial Auto policies have gone live with enhanced Cover-All Policy functionality and web services integration.

Secura, which already uses Cover-All Workers’ Compensation, is also installing Commercial Package, BOP, Umbrella, D&O, EPLI, and Professional Liability lines.

The Cover-All Policy and Commercial Auto platform will provide ISO Commercial Auto, including Business Auto, Garage, and Truckers coverage as well as company, program, and market segment-based deviations.

It will also offer document generation and electronic document storage, full policy lifecycle transactions, automated renewal processing, real-time interfaces with claims, pricing tools, VIN verification, and financial systems.

Secura CIO Jeff said that the Cover-All Policy and Commercial Auto will reduce its operational expenses, improve risk selection, and accelerate cycle time.

"With Cover-All Policy, we can train someone in half the time because of the intuitive user interface and straight-through workflow," Bemis added.

Collaborating with independent insurance agencies, Secura offers an array of insurance products and services in 12 US states, including Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota, and Wisconsin.