Seclore, a leader in providing security, privacy and compliance solutions, announces the successful deployment of its flagship Information Rights Management (IRM) technology - Seclore FileSecure - for HDFC Life, one of India's leading private life insurance companies.

HDFC Life was looking for an empowering and integration-friendly security solution to prevent unauthorised use of customer data. Security, privacy and compliance in the context of outsourcing cannot be managed by legal contracts alone; the responsibility lies with the enterprise who owns the customers’ data as well as its own intellectual property.

Seclore FileSecure protects an enterprise’s unstructured information, such as documents and email, by defining usage rights that persist irrespective of location or mode of transfer. These rights – which can be remote controlled – control who can access information, for what purpose, when and from where. This makes Seclore FileSecure an end-to-end information security solution in compliance with regulatory frameworks such as ISO and mandates from IRDA on security and privacy.

Commenting on the deployment of the technology, HDFC Life’s CISO, Mr. Sharad Sadadekar, said, "In the world of blurring organizational boundaries and dependence on business providers to process business information, it is imperative for an organisation to ensure that their customer data is safe. Addressing this issue, Seclore FileSecure provided a comprehensive solution to all the information security needs. The software is engineered in a way that it focuses on the ‘solution’ to deliver business value and not only the ‘technology.’"

"It is a matter of pride for us to partner with HDFC Life in their information rights management initiative. HDFC Life chose Seclore FileSecure as the one of the most prominent technologies that can safeguard the customer information. By providing information-centric security, Seclore FileSecure enables enterprises to operate in the emerging world of BYOD and Cloud," said Vishal Gupta, CEO, Seclore.

HDFC Life thoroughly evaluated many technologies as well as technology combinations before choosing Seclore FileSecure.