The Savings Bank Life Insurance (SBLI) Company of Massachusetts has selected iPipeline’s iGO e-App and iGO Drop Ticket platforms to serve as enabling technology to support producer selling preferences sales.

Both platforms help to automate how independent insurance professionals sell and process their Term and Whole Life products.

iGO Drop Ticket enables producers to start the sales process and have a call center or distributor complete the application, while iGO e-App is an intelligent fillable form solution for application processing.

iPipeline CEO Tim Wallace said that SBLI will use the iGO e-App to submit 100% complete and in good order applications directly to a distributor for review, approval and submission.

SBLI of MA sales operations manager-vice president Maura Reilly said, "Our ability to offer two complementary application processing solutions will support producer selling preferences while providing us with the ability to leverage speed-to-market advantages that decrease costs and increase policy issue."