Sapiens International has unveiled business intelligence (BI) module to provide enhanced reporting and decision-making capabilities for Sapiens Reinsurance solution.

Provided as an add-on module to Sapiens Reinsurance, the Reinsurance BI module is currently in a Sapiens client site production environment and is employed with three of the six planned Reinsurance BI query models.

The BI module currently involves profitability, triangulations and accounting will also include claims profile, exposure, and risk profile query models by the end of 2012.

The BI query model provides flexibility in presentation and analysis of business results for the reinsurance BI multi-dimensional data model.

Sapiens Reinsurance Product manager Martin Greenberg said: "Reinsurance BI offers our customers a greater ability to continually refine their reinsurance programs through ongoing analysis and more informed decisions."

The Reinsurance BI module also provides up-to-date information needed for in-depth analysis of the current business portfolio as well as development trends for reinsurance and risk managers.