Sapiens International has agreed to partner with CalcFocus to offer life insurers advanced illustration functionality and rapid speed to market.

CalcFocus will be fully integrated into Sapiens ALIS, an industry-leading, core software solution for the life, pension, annuity and medical segments, enabling Sapiens to provide the types of comprehensive solutions that are needed to satisfy evolving legislation and digitally-savvy customers, particularly millennials.

With its advanced illustration functionality, CalcFocus offers enhanced processing speed, needs analysis and financial advice integration, with automated product recommendations that are based on customers' best interests. Its complex illustrations can quickly run with multiple variables, for both new and inforce business.

Following this latest announcement and Sapiens' partnerships with, provider of a digital transformation platform that monitors and analyzes policyholder behavior and encourages a healthier lifestyle via incentives, and Idomoo, provider of personalized video technology for enterprises, Sapiens' can now offer its life clients an all-inclusive, end-to-end platform.

This platform will support the complete lifecycle of a policy, starting with lifetime planning needs analysis; through product selection, illustration and application process; culminating in policy, claims and payout administration.

CalcFocus is's preferred integration partner to identify user triggers and suggest carrier product recommendations to users or agents. This information can be communicated via or Idomoo.

The CalcFocus engine determines the optimal carrier product recommendations based on best fit and supplies customized illustrations for the user.

Additionally, CalcFocus' illustration engine is expected to extend Sapiens' capabilities by significantly increasing processing speed, providing needs analysis capabilities and measuring inforce performance against policyholder goals.

Sapiens North America executive vice president Mike McCurley said: "Sapiens' clients can now provide immediate illustrations to their customers and offer the best possible product, resulting in new sales via mobile devices, tablets and other digital devices.

"By empowering our life insurers to deliver new products rapidly through any media, we have made it possible for them to satisfy millennials' tremendous appetite for digitization."

CalcFocus co-founder Tom McCahill said: "We are pleased that Sapiens chose CalcFocus' advanced illustration functionality following a thorough evaluation process and our experience working together on a previous project.

"The integration between our organization and Sapiens enables the total policyholder experience to be informed by 'customer first' principles, with processing that understands the purpose behind the sale and strives to keep policyholder goals on track."