Will the partnership, Sapiens customers can design, modify, manage and deliver insurance documents without the need for technical expertise


Sapiens partners with Quadient, a customer experience facilitator. (Credit: Pixabay/Markus Spiske.)

Sapiens, a software solutions developer for the insurance industry, has partnered with Quadient to enhance omni-channel distribution capabilities of the insurance software provider’s solutions.

The partnership will help Sapiens’ insurer customers to maintain complex templates as part of their customer communications strategy.

Through the partnership, Sapiens will leverage Quadient Inspire product, which will allow its clients to easily design, modify, manage and deliver documents with the need for technical expertise. This could bring efficiency, reduce errors, while enhancing communication across all channels.

Quadient customer transformation vice president Scott Draeger said: “Sapiens and Quadient will offer an accelerated digital transformation process via meaningful and personalised omni-channel communications.

“Quadient’s comprehensive portfolio of technologies is designed to help organizations seamlessly reach customers on their terms, fostering loyalty and a positive customer experience.”

Quadient Inspire will be available on several of Sapiens insurance products

Quadient Inspire will be integrated with several of Sapiens’s products including CoreSuite for Property & Casualty, CoreSuite for Life & Annuities and Platform for Workers’ Compensation to help insurers offer an omni-channel and enhanced customers support to business and end-users.

The partnership between Sapiens and Quadient is expected to bring several benefits such as rapid personalisation of both claims and policy correspondence, reducing cycle times by using pre-existing templates.

A central repository of templates is maintained and it can be easily accessed. Additionally, automated data and content pre-fill document templates will help save time and effort for agents.

The built-in document preview capability during authoring facilities offers a quick turn-around from edit to production.

Sapiens chief marketing and strategy officer Alex Zukerman said: “This partnership will reduce insurers’ costs by allowing business users to create and update document templates, streamlining lengthy processes.

“A significant reduction in errors contained in documents and correspondence in the claims management and policy administration processes will also free up key personnel to concentrate on their core responsibilities and increase customer satisfaction.”

Last month, Sapiens had upgraded a version of its CoreSuite for Life & Annuities for North American customers and CoreSuite for Life & Pension for EMEA and APAC regions.