Sapiens International, a provider of business solutions to insurance and financial industry, has partnered with Knowledge Partners International (KPI) to deliver Business Decision management solution to the market.

Leveraging Sapiens’ architecture and The Decision Model, Sapiens will now offer the first software solution to be certified as Business Decision Maturity Model (BDMM) level 4.

Using Sapiens Decision, business rules are written in an easily-understood format, using standard business terminology, and are traceable from their sources.

Coupled with a stack of open and standard technology based on J2EE, DECISION is suitable for an enterprise-level environment.

Sapiens Decision enables major organizations to author and manage both high volume and strategic business decisions, containing complex business rules, across the enterprise without the intervention of IT, which will result in higher levels of business agility with more transparent processes.

The new solution, recently selected by a large US financial institution, helps companies improve their decision management processes.

Sapiens International Corporation CTO Sagi Schliesser said Decision provides a unique value proposition as it was designed from the business need to visually manage the organization’s ‘knowledge base’, mapped onto the operational systems, such as ERP, and allows potential changes to be easily and transparently managed into best decisions.