IDIT Go delivers streamlined upgrades, continuous access from anywhere, enhanced operational efficiencies and security


Holon Azrieli Center, headquarters of Sapiens. (Credit: Elvenking89/Wikipedia.)

Israel-based Sapiens International has launched a pre-configured, cloud-based solution, IDIT Go, to simplify implementation and operations for general insurers.

IDIT Go is a cloud-first platform designed to deliver benefits including streamlined upgrades, continuous access from anywhere, enhanced operational efficiencies and security.

The company said that the new cloud-based solution is a pre-configured version of its IDITSuite core insurance solution and provides access to a varied set of product configurations for personal and commercial lines.

Also, the complete managed services offered through the cloud are expected to help insurers to focus on their core business objectives.

Sapiens’ fully digital solution, together with its flexible methodologies, is expected to deliver business benefits in a short time frame, at a fixed price. 

Sapiens president and CEO Roni Al-Dor said: “Empowering insurers in their quest to be more agile and adapt to ever-changing market requirements is at the core of Sapiens’ mission. IDIT Go is a scalable solution that serves as a catalyst for growth.

“IDIT Go leverages our depth of industry expertise, innovative technology and robust capabilities to ensure we support our clients’ needs in every step of their digital transformation and assist them to achieve a rapid time to value.”

The company said that its new solution has been designed to be deployed within a few months with complete core PAS capabilities. 

Benefits of IDIT Go

IDIT Go provides turnkey business functionality and enhanced user experience along with other business benefits.

Benefits include low-code architecture enabling faster time to market based, digital-first configurable portals, improved policy administration system (PAS), and cloud-native benefits and scalability for future growth.

IDIT Go also features a menu of open APIs, providing P&C providers with full access to Sapiens’ insurtech ecosystem for customer engagement, sales and marketing, product enhancements.