Spannish insurer Santalucia has chosen ReadSoft's Documents for Invoices software to automate its invoice handling, in a bid to improve processes within its SAP system.

With a E921 million turnover, Santalucia is the biggest insurance company in Spain within the areas of life, family care and home insurance. Each year, the company protects and insures more than seven million people and receives 40,000 invoices.

For a company of Santalucia’s size, it is crucial to be able to process supplier invoices efficiently. Consequently, the insurer started to look for a product that could automatically process its incoming invoices inside its SAP system.

Until now, Santalucia’s finance department processed all of the paper invoices manually. This was very time-consuming and prevented staff from doing more valuable tasks. From now on, this process will be faster and more efficient as paper invoices will be scanned and ReadSoft’s Invoices will capture the data automatically.

Invoice Cockpit will integrate the captured information into Santalucia’s SAP system and Web Cycle will create a workflow for automatic approval of invoices. The manual tasks will thus be reduced to a minimum and the whole process can be carried out with better control and accuracy.

This is a very important project for us on the Spanish market. Santalucia is one of the most important companies in the insurance sector in Spain and their decision to choose us strengthens our position as the leading supplier of invoice automation software for SAP, said Jan Andersson, president and CEO of ReadSoft.