Fineos, a provider of enterprise software solutions for insurance and government insurance, has implemented the Fineos Claims solution for disability and income protection insurance at SalusAnsvar Group Life Company, a Swedish life assurance company.

SalusAnsvar is using the Fineos solution to support and manage the claims lifecycle for life, income protection (disability), accident and sickness claims from first notification through to final settlement and resolution.

In North America, Fineos is a provider of life and disability claims solutions. It offers capabilities around the management of long tail disability claims where the emphasis is on case management and variable payment schedules to handle interactions over time with multiple associated parties.

Ulf Nilsson, managing director of SalusAnsvar Group Life Company, said: “I’d like to congratulate both the SalusAnsvar and Fineos teams on their hard work and commitment in getting this project live. We have replaced an end of life legacy system with a market-leading solution that aligns with industry best practice. Moreover, Fineos is helping us deliver savings in claims processing overall especially in the area of indexation of payments and reserves.”

Michael Kelly, CEO of Fineos, said: “We welcome SalusAnsvar as our first Fineos Claims for disability user in Sweden and look forward to further market expansion within the Scandinavian region. It’s great to see SalusAnsvar take such a proactive and innovative approach to claims management and we have been impressed by their people and their commitment to excellence.

“We look forward to continue to work with the team to achieve the productivity, cost savings and improved customer service that we know Fineos Claims will help deliver. SalusAnsvar is yet another example of why Fineos is the leading global vendor in claims management solutions for life, disability and income protection insurance”.

SalusAnsvar Group Life Company is one of Sweden’s group life assurer companies. It is a part of SalusAnsvar that offers banking and insurance services to private individuals.