A bi-lingual experience to be offered by the partnershop to insurance buyers by combining Sagicor’s products and Accelewriting with the insights of Vida Life

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Sagicor Life Insurance announces partnership with insurtech company Vida Life. (Credit: Free-Photos from Pixabay)

US-based Sagicor Life Insurance has joined forces with Hispanic insurtech company Vida Life to offer an enhanced experience of buying life insurance.

In this connection, Sagicor Life Insurance’s products and Accelewriting, its automated underwriting system, will be combined with Vida Life’s insights to develop a bi-lingual experience to the insurance buyers.

Through the partnership, the firms expect to offer individuals the scope to buy insurance products that will guard them, help in their growth, and enable them to give back to their communities.

Sagicor Life Insurance president and chief operating officer Bart Catmull said: “This partnership supports Sagicor’s continued commitment to innovative life insurance products that are easily accessible to our family, friends, and neighbors.

“With Vida’s advanced relationships in the Hispanic community and Sagicor’s solutions, we have a unique opportunity to continue to provide growth and protection to our customers in a very under-served market.”

Vida Life sells mobile-accessible life insurance and savings products

Established last year, Vida Life is engaged in selling mobile-accessible life insurance and savings products aimed at helping the Hispanic community in the US.

Its partnership with Sagicor Life Insurance aims to give flexible and affordable term life protection to individuals. Through a direct-to-consumer mobile insurance platform, the two firms will provide a straightforward way to individuals for protecting their families.

Considering that each family has a unique situation, both Sagicor Life Insurance and Vida Life will continue to focus on offering solutions to address various individual needs.

Vida Life co-founder and CEO James Juarez said that Sagicor Life Insurance met the criteria the insurtech company has been looking for in a partner.

Juarez added: “Coming from a multicultural background, we felt that this partnership would help ensure wealth and prosperity in the Hispanic community as well as all cultures.”

Sagicor Life Insurance, which is a fully-owned Sagicor Financial, is a full-service life insurance firm licensed in 45 states in the US and also the District of Columbia.