EagleEye Analytics will provide Safety Insurance with Insight

Safety Insurance has selected EagleEye Analytics, an insurance services company, to meet its predictive analytics requirements under a long term services agreement.

EagleEye Analytics will provide Safety Insurance with Insight, its zero foot print, web-based predictive analytics application. Using advanced technologies to analyse years of policy data, Insight identifies and defines risk factor combinations that are predictive of profitability.

Since Insight produces actionable results in a fraction of the time required by traditional offerings, insurers can implement superior underwriting, pricing and marketing strategies across all lines of business, added EagleEye Analytics.

Ed Patrick, vice president of underwriting at Safety Insurance, said: We have enjoyed our collaboration with EagleEye Analytics and have been particularly impressed with its deep insurance industry knowledge, the fact that it can turn results in weeks that would typically take years and its keen focus on customer service which is a core value of ours.

Terry R. Wade, president and chief executive officer of EagleEye Analytics, added: We are proud to be able to include Safety Insurance in our growing client community and are excited by the prospect of helping them navigate increasingly competitive insurance markets.