Colombus-based property and casualty insurance firm SafeAuto Insurance has selected’s Thunderhead NOW service to manage policy, billing and claims generation as well as strengthen customer service.

Thunderhead NOW will be used by SafeAuto Insurance to provide standardized documentation on a single platform for generation of documents related to policy, billing and claims as well as offering a sole common platform for enterprise communication.

SafeAuto Procurement and Strategic Planning vice president Shane Switzer said that’s platform can be integrated with existing IT infrastructure, while reducing costs and eliminating the need to replace systems. chief operating officer Chris Manton Jones added, "Through these solutions, we help companies like SafeAuto ensure that they are interacting with their customers in the manner they want to be communicated with and as a result, helping them be viewed as innovative and progressive brands."

The NOW platform requires minimal maintenance and enhances operational strategy by providing multiple options for robust communication such as printing and faxing, as well as emerging channels such as texting and web delivery for SafeAuto’s customer.