SafeAuto Insurance Company has rolled out auto insurance policies in California through a partnership with SCJ Insurance Services, starting from 12 September 2013, expanding its presence in 17 US states.

The company forays into one of the largest auto insurance market the US, joining hands with more than 1,800 insurance brokers across the state.

SafeAuto Insurance Company CEO Ron Davies said that writing business in the state is a logical extension of SafeAuto’s business.

"It’s the largest auto insurance market in the country with over $19 billion in annual premiums. Additionally, California gives us a coast-to-coast presence that we need as we continue to grow," Davies added.

The company has decided to market its auto insurance policies only through brokers, which the company claims to be the new method for the auto insurer to reach new markets.

Established in 1993 and based in Columbus, Ohio, SafeAuto has written more than 5.7 million policies for drivers in 17 states across the country.