As standard for processing payments for MORE TH>N and other insurance brands

NEOVIA Financial has been chosen by RSA as the standard to process payments for all its brands, including its MORE TH>N insurance brand.

In the initial deployment, NEOVIA will use its payment suite to process card payments online and by telephone for MORE TH>N’s consumer-facing insurance services. This includes both one-off and scheduled bill payments, and features NEOVIA’s industry NETBANX Unified PayPage technology.

RSA selected NEOVIA for MORE TH>N is its multiple physical data centres, providing improved resilience, lower risk for payment processing and high levels of business continuity. Only a few ‘enterprise-class’ payment providers can offer multiple data centres in different geographies with fail-over and disaster recovery capabilities. These multiple data centres are ready configured and primed for the unlikely event of one of the other sites going down though a downstream supplier problem or major disaster.

Mark Christer, managing director at MORE TH>N, said: “NEOVIA was able to offer a flexible payment system that gives us options for future development, coupled with the security of multiple data centres and thorough business continuity plans, with the stability from an enterprise-class payment solutions provider.”

Dan Starr, executive vice president at NEOVIA, said: “This contract win with a major insurance brand demonstrates RSA’s confidence in the NEOVIA Payment Suite to efficiently and robustly handle payments. We also expect RSA to gradually roll out the Payment Suite across multiple brands over the next few months once MORE TH>N has gone live, enabling more customers to benefit from its capabilities.”