To focus on researching insurance risks of environmental change

RSA Insurance Group (RSA) and WWF have entered into a three year agreement, under which they will focus on researching insurance risks of environmental change. RSA will also support major conservation projects around the world, while working with the WWF to become a more sustainable business.

Under the partnership, during the World Climate Change talks in Copenhagen the company will be support the WWF’s major exhibition on risks to the Arctic region; In UK, it will be supported by WWF in working with the Thames River Restoration Trust in East London to recreate the natural flood plain; RSA will be sponsoring research and mapping sensitive areas to help understand and mitigate these risks and to use resources in a sustainable way; and both the companies will be working together to emphasise the role insurance can play in supporting the transition to a low carbon economy.

In addition, the partnership will be looking at developing and promoting products that provide incentives to customers for reducing their environmental footprint. With WWF’s support, RSA will be setting new CO2 targets, researching its supply chain impact, developing new green products and investigating how its investment strategies can support sustainability.

David Nussbaum, CEO at WWF UK, said: “We look forward to the partnership driving low carbon investments in the financial sector, low carbon behaviour among customers, and a greater ability among businesses and homeowners to protect themselves against the increasing impacts from climate change.”

Andy Haste, Group CEO at RSA said: “Behaving responsibly and ethically in the way we manage our business can have a positive impact on the environment, people and the communities in which we operate. The WWF is one of the world’s leading environmental organisations. They work in nearly all of our markets and they’re one of the most recognised global brands.”