UK insurer RSA has extended its partnership with the Africa-based insurance network Globus to five more territories in the region.

Headquartered in Douala, Cameroon, Globus is an insurance network comprising members in 46 countries in Africa.

The partnership will enable RSA Global Network to provide insurance services to customers with operations in Botswana, Congo, Mauritania, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Its new partners are the Globus members Phoenix of Botswana, Assurances Generales du Congo, NASR Mauritania, Phoenix of Zambia, and NicozDiamond Insurance Zimbabwe. This means RSA now has partners in 26 African countries.

RSA global network director Barbara O’Reilly said: “For more than 20 years, RSA Global Network has been providing multinational clients with efficient and professional local service in the territories in which they operate.

"As many of our customers are continuing to expand their geographical footprint within developing economies, we must keep step with their needs.

“RSA has enjoyed a strong and stable relationship with Globus, which has consistently provided our underwriters with proactive and prompt services.”

The agreement with Globus comes in the wake of a training programme headed by the RSA Global Network team for the former’s hub in Douala.

Globus Network executive director Jude Ncho said: “RSA has been working with Globus for the past two years so we are pleased to expand this cooperation to new African markets. We are currently supporting RSA customers and we look forward to developing the relationship further.”

Earlier in the month, RSA Group which operates in over 170 territories globally had agreed to dispose its £834m worth UK legacy insurance liabilities to Enstar Group based in Bermuda.

Image: RSA global network director Barbara O’Reilly. Photo: courtesy of RSA.