RPost has partnered with Broker Network to further assist more than 600 UK insurance brokers with secure email, e-signatures and auditable proof of email delivery, all designed to assist brokers in complying with the new Act.

RPost CEO Zafar Khan states: "The RMail service provides brokers, if challenged, with legal proof that they have delivered the required disclosures and documentary evidence for any audits using RMail.

"This is now critical for UK insurance Brokers in today's increasing regulatory climate. Additionally, RMail includes cyber security tools such as encryption to ensure that all confidential data sent via email is secure as well as imposter email detection to prevent cyber fraud."

RPost's RMail service integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook, Office 365 and Gmail, and can also be used via an iPad App or with backoffice, web or CRM integration options.

Broker Network CEO Andy Fairchild said: "We need to ensure our members have access to the best market technology available. RMail's simple to use and easy to deploy email encryption, e-Contracting and legal proof of eDelivery software will help our members with compliance, and just as important, help reduce costs and reinforce their own in-house cyber security."

RPost technology has been endorsed for compliance and cyber security by Broker Network and BIBA. RPost services are built into areas of leading insurance backoffice policy administration systems including Applied Systems. RPost is also a winner of the World Mail Award for Best in Security.