To offer policy coverages for self and family with liability protection

RLI Insurance has added new capabilities for agents to write more personal umbrella appetite insurance. It includes flexibility for drivers of all ages with flawed driving records and customers with more exposures and accepts electronic signatures for new business and online credit card payments for new and renewal business.

According to RIL, the policy covers protection for self and family with a layer of liability protection over current homeowners and auto insurance policies. A personal umbrella policy is needed by those who own a home, own a car, want to protect future earnings, and want to protect assets against a lawsuit or judgment.

Michael Stone, president of RLI Insurance Company. “We have seen the demand for personal umbrella insurance continue to climb over the decades, and these changes will make our product available to more people.

“Additionally, while relationships between some personal umbrella brokers and their carriers are changing, RLI is making changes to serve more insureds, expand customer service to our partner brokers, and improve an already great product.”