Revelex Corporation, a provider of travel technology solutions, has announced the integration of new travel insurance plans to its online booking solution, Power Agent.

In addition to its current list of travel insurance providers, Revelex now offers three plans provided by Prime Travel Protection through its platform. This addition is another value-add for travel agents – enabling them to present customers with multiple coverage options when booking leisure travel.

The base plan is a non-age banded product that offers savings to seniors. Also included is a plus plan, offering competitive pricing as well as an increase in benefits with three age groupings, one to 40 years, 41 to 60 years and 61 years and above. Lastly is the net program, which allows Revelex customers to build their own pricing grids and to private-label their insurance products.

David Hancock, vice president of sales for Prime Travel Protection, said: Prime Travel Protection provides niche insurance products specifically for the travel industry. Our plans are easy to understand and easy to sell. They offer customers the coverage they need to ensure a safe, enjoyable travel experience.