Both the firms to provide a model for health and productivity management (HPM) services - RelianceONE

Reliance Standard Life Insurance (Reliance Standard), an insurance carrier specialising in flexible employee benefits, has formed business collaboration with AllOne Health. The partnership is expected to provide a model for health and productivity management (HPM) services – RelianceONE.

RelianceONE integrates AllOne Health’s expertise in wellness, disease management and employee assistance programs with Reliance Standard’s disability and absence management services. This approach to HPM improves both employee health and a business’s bottom line. HPM is an investment in workforce productivity and corporate performance that views employees as valuable assets, not just a cost of doing business.

RelianceONE intends to improve results by tailoring integrated tools and services to each individual and employer.

Lawrence Daurelle, president and CEO of Philadelphia-based Reliance Standard, said: “Investing in a program like RelianceONE is a business imperative because absences and health management issues affect business performance and drive up benefit costs. Regardless of whether you are at work or home, sick or well, RelianceONE is designed to help employees become and stay healthy, which has important business implications.”

RelianceONE will be piloted with employers beginning in March 2010 to test program implementation, determine success metrics and identify opportunities to make enhancements. The product is expected to be available to the broad employer market in July 2011.