Reliance Standard Life Insurance, an employee benefits insurance carrier, has introduced two new lines of group coverage: Voluntary Critical Illness (VCI) and Voluntary Accident (VAI), to help employees safeguard their financial security in the face of unplanned illness and accident.

Reliance Standard said the Voluntary Critical Illness insurance provides a fixed, lump-sum payment upon diagnosis of a critical illness which can include cancer, heart attack, stroke, paralysis and more.

Under VCI coverage, employees can elect coverage ranging from $5,000 to $50,000 each for themselves and their spouses.

Voluntary Accident insurance provides a range of fixed, lump-sum benefits for injuries resulting from an accident – ranging from fractures, burns and dislocations to more severe injuries and treatments.

Reliance Standard has also partnered with AllOne Health Group to create RelianceONE, a strategic initiative developed to improve the health of employees.

In VAI coverage, payment will be made directly to the insured and can be used for any purpose, such as deductibles, prescription costs, medical-co-payments and household help.

The insurer said all coverage are guaranteed issue and requires no medical underwriting.

Reliance Standard president and CEO Lawrence Daurelle said these two new product offerings are important, affordable and proven solutions to the evolving puzzle of prevention, care, treatment and financial recovery.