India-based Reliance Life Insurance (RLIC) has introduced a new health insurance product, Health Total.

Reliance Health Total is a non-linked, non-participating and non-variable health insurance plan, which offers a complete health cover, comprising fixed benefit cover for hospitalization, critical illnesses and surgeries, as well as reimbursement for other health related expenses.

The new product has three optional riders, including Reliance accidental death and total and permanent disablement rider, Reliance major surgical benefit rider and Reliance critical conditions benefit rider.

Reliance Life Insurance chief agency officer Manoranjan Sahoo said: "The uniqueness of the plan lies in the medical reimbursement feature that allows customer to claim for OTC health-related expenses or medical bills.

"This plan also acts as an additional cover for hospitalization claims, over and above your existing medical plan."

The new product is a regular-pay five-year-plan, which can be renewed till the age of 99 years. It provides two options for customers, allowing to choose higher medical reimbursement benefit under the policy or a higher sum insured.

Reliance Health Total will provide expenses for hospitalization, ten critical illnesses, ICU treatment and surgeries, while customer can settle cashless claims across an extensive network of 4,000 hospitals in the country.