RegEd, the leading provider of compliance technology to the financial services industry, will highlight a set of enterprise compliance solutions at the upcoming ACLI Compliance & Legal Sections Annual Conference 2016, held July 11-13 in Boston, MA.

The featured solutions enable insurers and other financial services firms to effectively and efficiently meet compliance obligations and proactively manage their compliance program.

“Policies and Procedures and Regulatory Change Management are the backbone of a strong compliance program,” commented Debra Freitag, Chief Strategy Officer at RegEd.

“Insurers in today’s regulatory climate must manage them holistically, to ensure that the organization’s polices and code of ethics are mapped to current regulatory requirements and are demonstrably effective.”

RegEd representatives will be onsite during the conference to speak with attendees about enterprise solutions for managing regulatory change, policies and procedures, and market conduct examinations:

Regulatory Change Management

CODE Regulatory Change Management is a fully integrated solution that streamlines the end-to-end process of managing regulatory change throughout the organization. CODE facilitates a workflow-enabled, closed loop process that provides firms with everything they need to be aware of, comply with, and demonstrate compliance with all relevant regulatory changes. 

Policies and Procedures Management

CODE Policies and Procedures Management provides an enterprise workflow, work-process and task management solution that enables comprehensive, end-to-end administration and oversight of all elements of the firm’s policies and procedures. This includes the policy approval process, policy distribution, attestation management, testing program management and deficiency and case management.

The solution establishes a central control center for all policies and enables the firm to establish discreet policies based on role, function, department and entity.

Market Conduct Exam Management

CODE Market Conduct Exam Management provides a highly configurable solution that enables firms to effectively prepare for and efficiently manage tasks related to market conduct exams. The solution installs best practices and drives efficiency across all exam management tasks, enabling firms to significantly reduce the time and resource commitment required during a market conduct exam.

Following the conclusion of the conference, RegEd will co-host the Policy Management by Design workshop with GRC 20/20, a leading industry analyst firm. The hands-on, educational workshop will provide attendees with a blueprint for creating and managing an effective, efficient, and agile policy management program.