Qingsongchou, a healthcare platform in China, has launched the first full industrial chain blockchain insurance jointly with Huatai P&C Insurance.


Qingsongchou Launched the First Full Industrial Chain Blockchain Insurance and Appears on the NASDAQ Screen (PRNewsfoto/Qingsongchou)

Backed by the underlying technology from Qingsongchou Sunshine Chain and product expertise from Huatai P&C, this product is a true user-oriented product sold on Easy e-insurance under Qingsongchou.

This product reduces the tail risk of policyholders, as it extends the coverage period to three years to ensure every policy holder gets sufficient financial support to cope with critical illness. This partnership is also an innovative attempt to build a new insurance ecosystem and new reinsurance model, which may rebuild the health reinsurance model around the world.

As China’s largest healthcare platform, Qingsongchou has attracted more than 550 million registered users from 183 countries and regions and funded more than CNY25.5bn for 2.53 million families suffering under critical illness.

Qingsongchou has innovatively put forth the “critical illness aid” concept to enable people to donate via their fingertips, setting the trend of “fingertip charity” in China. In addition, it has developed a more economic, efficient and comprehensive healthcare system through its five major brands, such as Easy crowdfunding, Easy Mutual Aid, Easy e-insurance, Easy Health and Easy Charity. It continues to enhance exploration and innovation in the pan healthcare sector to improve the concept and value of healthcare.

Taking public health as the breakthrough point, Qingsongchou redefines the essential needs of the healthcare industry while disrupting the traditional medical assistance service, thus taking an unshakable leadership position in the healthcare industry.

Source: Company Press Release