Privilege Underwriters Reciprocal Exchange (PURE), a member-owned reciprocal insurer, has expanded its customised property and casualty insurance coverage to owners of high-value homes in Mississippi, US.

PURE, as a specialist insurer is offering a suite of comprehensive insurance solutions for individuals and families with sophisticated needs, broader than that offered by standard carriers.

PURE president and chief executive officer Ross Buchmueller said the company is offering significant premium credits to families who mitigate their homes against losses as part of its efforts to encourage quality construction and adherence to recent building codes.

Besides offering discounts for well-mitigated homes, including those built with reinforced concrete roofs, asphalt shingles and impact glass and shutters, the company is also assisting its customers with prevention of losses.

PURE has facilitated contributions for alarm systems, lightning suppression devices, back-up generators and dozens of other remedies to help its members control the long-term risk cost in 2011.

A member insurer of the Pure Group of Insurance, PURE provides coverage for high-value homes, automobiles, jewellery, art, personal liability and watercraft to successful individuals and families.