Prudential Financial has introduced a new PruTerm WorkLife 65, a new term life insurance product for working years with premium protection in the event of disability or unemployment.

According to the insurer, the life insurance product is designed to provide Americans and their families life insurance protection throughout their working years and help ensure their coverage remains in place by waiving premium payments in the event of unemployment or a disability.

According to the Prudential, in the event of a disability before age 65, the premiums of the PruTerm WorkLife 65 will be waived until the insured recovers or turns age 65, whichever is first. The one-time unemployment benefit waives one continuous year of premiums.

Offered by Pruco Life Insurance, PruTerm WorkLife 65 policy-owners can convert their existing term policy to permanent insurance at any time up to age 65 without additional medical testing, Prudential said.

The Prudential Insurance Company of America’s Individual Life Insurance business chief marketing officer Mark Hug said offering up to 40 years of coverage, PruTerm WorkLife 65 can provide a ‘once and done’ approach to providing insurance protection for working Americans.