The Protective Life Insurance Company has released its new universal life insurance policy, Protective Centennial G II Universal Life.

Protective Life has announced that the new product builds on its experience and expertise as an issuer of permanent life insurance products. With its flexible lapse protection guarantee, Protective Centennial G II Universal Life claims to allows buyers to select death benefit guarantee periods that best suit their individual needs and circumstances.

Protective Centennial G II UL provides lapse protection options, including guaranteed death benefit coverage that can last the lifetime of the insured. The lapse protection premiums may vary according to the issue age, gender, face amount, length of lapse protection, and underwriting class of the proposed insured.

Eric Miller, vice president and national marketing director of life and annuity division at Protective Life Insurance Company, said: Our enhanced Centennial G II UL product offers our producers one of the most competitive secondary guarantee universal life insurance products in the industry.