ProspX has launched DirectConnect for Microsoft Outlook that allows brokers and carriers to connect and collaborate on new or renewal insurance business opportunities without interruptions in their workflow or concern that critical information could be lost in desktop silos.

The company said that the DirectConnect for Outlook allows brokers and carriers to track, organize, archive and report on their opportunity specific email interactions by connecting Microsoft Outlook to ProspX through familiar Outlook controls. This saves time and effort involved with organizing internal and insurance carrier correspondence required of commercial insurance brokerage firms.

According to ProspX, the search and collaboration services are integrated directly into Outlook, allowing users to work in either application while still transparently tracking, organizing, and archiving conversations and information exchanged for specific business opportunities in the company.

In addition, the solution also offers single sign-on to ProspX from Outlook making it efficient to move between two platforms as desired.

Puru Agrawal, executive vice president of products and CTO at ProspX, said: “Our integration with Microsoft Outlook means users have access to the critical ProspX business functions required by their organizations from wherever they are most comfortable working, thereby improving productivity.”