ProSight Specialty Insurance has introduced a new insurance product for drone operators, which is claimed to be a one-stop solution for coverage outside the property of the drone or office.

Designed for drone operators across many industries, the new product offers coverage for customers, including events, productions, operations, contractual liability, personal injury, bodily injury, property damage, third party property damage and others.

ProSight Specialty Insurance global niche president Kevin Topper said: "In the same way drones are used to capture the most unique views, ProSight is working to elevate drone operators with industry-leading coverage and provide expertise designed to meet the challenges they face every day.

"The emergence of commercial drone use has raised a lot of questions across many industries, but with ProSight focused on driving innovation in this area, drone operators can rest assured that we’re working on their behalf to pave the way through uncharted territories."

Established in 2009, ProSight has regional offices in Los Angeles, New York and Santa Rosa, as well as owns and manages Syndicate 1110 at Lloyd’s of London.