Progressive Direct Insurance is offering its customers a text message service that will provide up-to date information about their auto insurance policies.

Customers can opt-in to receive Progressive Direct Mobile Alerts, including payment reminders, sent in advance of billing dates; payment confirmations, sent once payment has been received; and other payment information.

A Mobile Alert sent directly to a cell phone makes it easy to know when a payment is due and when it has been made. The beauty of it is the customer gets the information instantly – without having to be connected to email, said Toby Alfred, Progressive Direct customer experience general manager.

Payment reminder Mmbile alerts are available to customers who have their car insurance payments automatically deducted from a bank account or billed to a credit card. These reminders give advance notice that a bank account deduction or credit card charge is about to be made.

Payment confirmations are available to Progressive Direct customers who pay by mail or through an online bank account. Customers who sign up will also receive the alerts if their policy is about to be cancelled due to non-payment or they have insufficient funds in their account to cover a scheduled payment.

The Mobile Alerts work on all major wireless carriers in the US. Progressive Direct does not charge a fee for Mobile Alerts, but wireless carriers’ standard rates still apply.