PrimeVest Financial Services has introduced AnnuityNet, an integrated online annuity processing system that will improve efficiency, accuracy and flexibility for representatives and supervisors within financial institutions.

AnnuityNet aims to save time and accelerate the issuance of annuities. Fully integrated with the PrimeVest technology platform, ING SmartWorks, AnnuityNet streamlines annuity processing from application to contract confirmation.

Forms will be pre-populated with client information, applications will receive suitability pre-approval electronically, inaccurate applications will be drastically reduced by PrimeVest’s immediate-assurance technology, and full histories will be captured for easy future access. The entire process is an extension of existing process, eliminating the need for financial professionals to learn new procedures.

Catherine Bonneau, president of PrimeVest Financial, said: AnnuityNet’s simplicity and integration will make it easier for our representatives to serve their customers.