Life insurer Primerica has registered an 18% rise in its second quarter of 2012 net operating income, which summed up to $45.5m, or $0.71 per diluted share, compared to $38.6m, or $0.51, during the same period last year.

For the latest quarter period, its total revenues were $300.5m, up by 9% from $275m during the corresponding period a year ago.

For the quarter period ended 30 June 2012, its net income was $46.2m, or $0.72 per diluted share, up by 23% versus $37.6m, or $0.49, during the comparable quarter previous year.

Operating revenues increased by 8% to $296.2 million in the second quarter of 2012, compared with $273.1m in the second quarter of 2011.

Primerica chairman of the board and co-chief executive officer Rick Williams said, "Our 18% increase in net operating income in the second quarter and share repurchases drove a 40% increase in net operating earnings per diluted share and increased net operating return on adjusted stockholders equity to 14.8% from 11.6% in the year ago period."

Headquartered in Duluth, Georgia, US, Primerica offers underwriting, and mutual funds, annuities and other financial products.