To offer new health plan analysis and reporting solutions to clients

Premier Consulting Associates have signed a contract with Benefit Informatics, a healthcare data integration and analysis firm, to implement BI’s Data Analysis and Reporting solutions. Premier Consulting will utilise BI’s online services to analyse customer health plans to identify cost drivers, trends and opportunities for savings.

William Brothers, CEO of Premier Consulting Associates, said: “We strive to utilise data, information and technology to offer our clients the greatest value through our services. Benefit Informatics will enhance our current resources with additional analysis and reporting functionality and allow us to provide customers with information necessary to make informed decisions about their benefits.”

Cynthia Hammer, president of Premier Consultants, said: “We evaluated a number of options before choosing Benefit Informatics. Their ability to capture a wide variety of data sources and bring them together in one, easy to use database will give us new resources in helping our customers better control healthcare costs and evaluate benefit strategies.”

Premier Consulting Associates benefit consultants will utilise a variety of standard and ad-hoc reporting and analysis functions available through Benefit Informatics’ Data Analysis and Reporting solution. Their analysis of customer health plans will include plan performance against national standards, identifying high cost procedures and diagnoses and evaluating expenses and options for prescription drugs. Premier will also utilise the BI system to produce and electronically distribute reports to clients.