Bolton & Company, one of the nation’s largest privately owned insurance brokers, announced that Polenzani Benefits, a leading Pasadena-based brokerage that specializes in Employee Benefits, has joined its organization.

As part of the transition, Polenzani’s staff will join Bolton’s Employee Benefits team at its Pasadena headquarters, with President Tom G. Polenzani moving into the role of Director of Employee Benefits.

For Bolton President and CEO Steve Brockmeyer, the decision to merge the local firm into Bolton’s operations was as much a strategic move as it was an organic one.

"There are a number of parallels between Bolton & Company and Polenzani Benefits that make this partnering all the more perfect," said Brockmeyer.

"Our organizations were raised in the same community, share the same core ethics toward our clients and offer decades of industry expertise and experience. This really benefits everyone involved, especially those we serve and hope to serve one day."

Tom G. Polenzani highlights the partnership as the result of an evolving five year relationship between the two firms, and said the decision marks a big step forward for both Bolton and Polenzani Benefits.

"What we’ve always offered – our expertise, our client-focused approach and the goodwill we’ve built for more than 40 years – remains the same," said Polenzani. "By joining Bolton’s team of experts and industry leaders, we are able to continue to provide the highest quality of service with even more resources available, and that’s incredibly exciting."

Founded in 1975 by Thomas A. Polenzani, Polenzani Benefits joins Bolton as a regional leader in the Employee Benefits marketplace.

Established in 1931, Bolton & Company is one of the nation’s largest privately owned insurance broker agencies providing clients worldwide with insurance and risk management services, employee benefits and financial products.

As a partner of Assurex Global, Bolton employs over 165 insurance professionals and places nearly $500 million in annual premiums on behalf of their clients. Bolton & Company is headquartered in Pasadena, with additional offices in Orange County and Northern California.