Plymouth Rock Assurance, an automobile insurance company, has announced that it will offer its new and renewing policyholders with an automatic discount for going green by driving less.

The company said that it will also provide a package of discounts and services at no additional charge called ‘Make Your Life Easier Services,’ or MYLES.

In addition to the standard low-mileage discount that is currently available, Plymouth Rock will automatically apply a mileage discount to the policy premiums of customers who drive fewer miles than the average for the type of geographic area in which they live. This will be based on individual vehicle mileage records collected by the state Registry of Motor Vehicles during annual inspections.

According to the company, the MYLES program is a free endorsement that provides customers with e-mail reminders for license, registration and inspection sticker renewals, the ability to view and pay bills online.

Participants also receive the Plymouth Rock ‘Savings Pass,’ a card that entitles policyholders to discounts of 5% to 25% on auto-related products and services purchased from select retail partners, representing more than $200 in total savings.

Hal Belodoff, president of Plymouth Rock Assurance, said: We are very excited about MYLES and our mileage-based rating program. Under managed competition, consumers will be looking for more from their insurance companies – more value, more service and more convenience.