Achmea has joined the Plug and Play global innovation platform as the largest insurance provider in the Netherlands.


Image: Achmea has joined the Plug and Play global innovation platform as the largest insurance provider. Photo: Courtesy of Adam Radosavljevic from Pixabay.

Achmea employs about 14,000 staff in the Netherlands and conducts business in five other countries around the world where they operate under brands such as Interpolis and Centraal Beheer. Already positioned as an innovative player in the industry, Achmea plans to tap into Plug and Play’s ecosystem to expand their product offerings and customer satisfaction.

“We believe that cooperation with Plug and Play Insurtech will create a lot of benefits for us. We think it will enable intensive cooperation on new innovations and will accelerate our business and business development,” says Karin Bos, Director, Retail Products at Achmea P&C.

With connections made through Plug and Play’s Insurtech platform, Achmea will have the opportunity to meet with startups who are making waves in the insurance industry. This engagement will allow Achmea to grow their innovation opportunities and become an active partner in the changing insurance industry.

“We are excited to explore new solutions in our partnership with Achmea,” says Ali Safavi, Global Head of Insurtech. “With prominent industry growth on the rise in Europe, we think there’s a great opportunity to leverage startup technology throughout the world.”

Plug and Play Insurtech runs a 12-week program twice per year from its headquarters in Silicon Valley. Since 2016, Plug and Play Insurtech has expanded its operation to Beijing, Munich, New York, Singapore, and Tokyo, with more locations expected to launch later this year.

Source: Company Press Release.