Company’s newly launched contact center in Indianapolis accelerates growth in the 60+ age market


Pan American Life Center building in New Orleans Central Business District. (Credit:

Pivot Health, a division of, a leader in technology-enabled health insurance solutions, today announced it has entered a partnership with Pan-American Life Insurance Company to market a Medicare supplement product through multiple distribution channels. The announcement follows a banner year of growth for the company in the 60+ market which saw sales for those in that sector grow by 63% between 2018-2019.

“Moving from an employer health plan or an individual plan to Medicare can be confusing or extremely stressful when weighing your options”
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“In 2018 we launched a pre-Medicare health insurance solution for individuals who were no longer eligible for employer coverage and had a temporary need,” said Jeff Smedsrud, co-founder and chief executive officer of Pivot Health. “There is a significant niche population of the 60+-year-olds who want solutions to bridge to Medicare eligibility at an affordable price. Now, Pivot Health is entering phase two of its senior market expansion and will be able to help its members seamlessly enroll in our Medicare supplement plans, along with added health and wellness features.”

The Medicare supplement plans Pivot Health is promoting offer instant approval and competitive rates on household discounts if more than one individual in the home is Medicare-eligible. Supplemental plans being marketed include Plan A, Plan G, Plan N, and Plan F for individuals already enrolled in a Plan F supplemental plan.

Pivot Health’s multi-channel approach allows the company to distribute Medicare supplement plans either online or through large national brokers, call center partners and through its in-house sales and service center in Indianapolis. In early 2020, Pivot Health announced it was opening a sales and service center in Indianapolis that will grow its Indiana workforce to more than 100 people.

“This partnership with the senior market specialists at Pivot Health is a significant milestone for Pan-American Life’s senior market initiative,” said J.J. Lafleur, Vice President Special Markets & Actuary, U.S. Group, Pan-American Life Insurance Group. “Pivot Health’s unmatched digital channels facilitate the immediate expansion of our diverse offering of competitive Medicare Supplemental insurance plans, designed to address seniors’ unique needs and to fill the gaps in healthcare expenses.”

“Moving from an employer health plan or an individual plan to Medicare can be confusing or extremely stressful when weighing your options,” said Smedsrud. “Pivot Health understands that Medicare supplement plans are standardized, but the customer service experience does not need to be. Our personal, customer-centric approach will help seniors get enrolled with the Medicare plan that best fits their lifestyle and financial needs.”

Source: Company Press Release