Physicians Mutual Insurance Company has announced its new supplemental cancer insurance policy that will cover claims typically not covered by traditional, limited benefit or mini-med plans.

The new plan offers treatment travel for the patient and a loved one, coverage for treatments, including radiation, chemotherapy, hormone therapy drugs, immunotherapy drugs and experimental treatments. Regardless of coverage from traditional plans, benefit claims are paid directly to the patient to be spent however they wish – on medical treatments or every-day living expenses like mortgage payments, utilities, grocery bills or additional medical costs. There is no age limit for coverage and no reduction in benefits.

Melissa Crawford, senior vice president at Physicians Mutual, said: Cancer costs come from a variety of sources. What we typically see as an insurance company are the medical claims. It’s the day-to-day costs we don’t see that are more of a concern for many customers. Things like lost income due to time away from work, travel expenses for treatment, daycare expenses and health insurance deductibles. Physicians Mutual’s cancer policy is designed to help off-set those out-of-pocket costs.

With the base insurance policy at only $27.55 a month for a healthy individual 50 years of age, the coverage can give cancer patients and their families the ability to focus on recovery, not paying the bills.