Insurance firm Pets Best has launched a "click-to-chat" service to provide website visitors with instant online access to its customer service representatives.

Pets Best says the service will allow it to reach the increasing customer base that depends on the internet for purchasing and research. The new chat medium will allow these customers to obtain assistance or have their questions answered quickly and efficiently in real-time, while maintaining control over the interaction.

Click-to-chat provides us with another avenue for helping customers, letting them choose the medium in which they feel most comfortable. We want our customers to know that we’re readily available if they have questions, and adding this to our website conveys that far better than merely displaying a phone number, said Pets Best founder Dr Jack Stephens.

One of the service’s most useful features is that it lets us co-browse with customers, so we can help them fill out forms or review information together. It keeps us, literally, on the same page.