Pentegra Retirement Services, a New York-based provider of retirement products and services, has appointed Ken Jackson as new regional marketing director, responsible for bank business development efforts.

Jackson will be working under the direction of John Schafer, vice president and director, National Markets.

Jackson brings over 15 years of industry experience to Pentegra. Prior to Pentegra, he served as a sales agent at Euler Hermes ACI, where he was responsible for business development efforts with Trade Credit Insurance to banks in the central and western regions of the country.

Prior to that, Jackson was a business development manager at Private Business Incorporated.

Pentegra president and CEO Robert Albanese said Jackson will be instrumental in further developing and marketing Pentegra’s retirement programs to community banks in the central and western regions of the US.

Pentegra offers a full range of retirement programs, including 401(k) plans, defined benefit pension plans, ESOPs, KSOPs, profit sharing plans, 403(b) plans, 457 plans, executive benefit and director compensation plans, BOLI, and full-service private label retirement programs.