Penn Millers, a provider of property and casualty insurance services, has launched ComPENNsation, a web-based workers' compensation toolkit for agents and insureds.

According to Penn Millers, the new toolkit provides a convenient, single point of access to a comprehensive collection of workers’ compensation information, resources and tips to help employers proactively manage workers’ compensation claims.

The kit also features experience rating educational and training resources, safety tools including video, a forms library and the latest industry news.

Penn Millers said that it has partnered with Lynch Ryan, a Massachusetts-based management consulting firm specializing in workers’ compensation cost controls, to develop the portal.

Penn Millers senior vice president of commercial business Keith Fry said the company is providing the customers a quick and easy gateway to all things workers’ compensation.

"To provide an educational resource customers can integrate into their loss control programs to help manage workplace risks, minimize on the job injuries and reduce costs," Fry said.