Specialist niche insurance provider Pavilion Insurance Network has signed a three year agreement with the British Cycling Federation to provide a range of cycling insurance services for its members.

The product will be marketed under the ‘BC Bike Insurance’ banner, and will be delivered via a new website and Pavilion’s call center facilities.

Pavilion has been exploring the use of its own developed software ISIS (Integrated Specialist Insurance Software), with other partners across its product range.

Executive director Sarah Gow explained, We will be using a similar technology as part of our partnership with the BCF linking to everyday leisure cyclists in which BCF have started a new membership drive. In addition to new membership through its ‘Everyday Cycling’ initiative we are already targeting the existing 20,000 members of the BCF through this association, who are interested in competition cover.

Pavilion has reported cycle insurance sales 110% ahead of 2005 in the first quarter.