PartnerRe has appointed Emmanuel Clarke as the new CEO of PartnerRe Global, Bill Babcock as new executive vice president and CFO effective October 1, 2010.

Marvin Pestcoe has been appointed CEO, PartnerRe Capital Markets Group effective October 1, 2010. All three executives will report to Costas Miranthis, COO, PartnerRe, and become members of PartnerRe’s group executive committee.

In his new role, Mr Clarke will be responsible for executive management of all PartnerRe’s global operations. He is currently head of specialty lines, global and deputy CEO of PartnerRe Global and joined in 1997, with acquisition of SAFR, and was appointed as head of credit and surety, global in 2001, and head of property and casualty, global in 2006.

Mr Babcock, currently group finance director, will be responsible for the company’s financial operations, including financial reporting and control, treasury and capital management, and tax, and also investor relations. He will also have executive management responsibility for Group IT.

Mr Pestcoe will be responsible for all of the company’s investment operations and capital markets risks, including fixed income portfolio and also public and private equity, insurance linked securities and alternative fixed income investments.

Patrick Thiele, president and CEO of PartnerRe, said: “I’d like to extend my congratulations to Emmanuel, Bill and Marvin on their new roles. I’m confident that they are well prepared to take on their new responsibilities, and that they will support Costas Miranthis in leading the organization when he takes the reins as CEO of PartnerRe.”