Paradigm Management Services has said that it will now offer its catastrophic care management services to general liability marketplace.

According to Paradigm, catastrophic liability claims often result in protracted settlement periods that can place the health of the injured person at risk. Due to the length of time between injury and settlement, many patients fail to get the early care they need and do not reach their full recovery potential. Paradigm plans to counters this risk by placing the focus on the interests of the injured person and progressing toward the best medical outcome achievement.

The company said that by focusing on guaranteed recovery targets, it will deliver efficient medical outcomes, and decrease the likelihood of future expensive treatments. These benefits will settle the cases quickly.

Kevin Fleming, president of Paradigm, said: “Offering Paradigm’s best-in-class services demonstrates that the party responsible for the injury is doing the right thing, at the right time, for the right reasons.

“Not only does involving Paradigm allow clients to make a down payment on a new beginning for those who have experienced a catastrophic injury but it benefits the business by fixing acute medical costs through a contracted rate and eliminating volatility.”