To foster the enhancement of the operations

Pan-American Life Insurance Group (PALIG), has named a series of new hires in Pan-American Life’s Domestic Markets Division.

Several strategic additions will foster the enhancement of the operations and development of the U.S. Domestic Markets Division.

These are Carlo Mulvenna appointed as vice president of Domestic Operations and head of Product Development, Fernando Crucet named as vice president of U.S. Hispanic Strategy and Business Development and Suzanne Webb Sainato joining Pan-American Life as director of Domestic Contracts and Compliance.

Mr Mulvenna joins Pan-American Life as vice president of Domestic Operations and head of Product Development. In his role, he will be expanding a national sales support and administration team to accommodate Pan-American’s growth strategies in the U.S. Worksite Employee Benefits market. Mr Mulvenna brings to the position 30 years of experience in the insurance industry in the US, UK, South America, Middle East, Africa and South East Asia.

Mr Crucet will lead the Hispanic Strategy, assisting in product development, sales and distribution, strategic partnerships and account relationships. His expertise in multicultural sales and marketing has elevated Crucet’s success during his tenures with AIG American General and most recently ING.

Ms Sainato will be responsible for regulatory compliance and insurance contract development. Sainato has over 10 years of experience practicing law in the insurance industry and has extensive experience with product development, sales and administration, and complex litigation and regulatory matters. Prior to joining Pan-American Life, she was a senior counsel for the Individual Business Insurance Products Unit for MetLife in New York.