Pan-American Life Insurance Group (PALIG) has introduced a new Independent Contractor Occupational Accident product and program.

Underwritten by PALIG wholly-owned subsidiary Greenwood International Insurance Services (GWI), the new program insures independent contractors for on-the-job injuries, including contingent liability exposures.

Greenwood International CEO Joseph Sullivan said the company will commence underwriting of Independent Contractor Occupational Accident product beginning in September.

"This program builds on our success to date with all Accident underwriting being handled by GWI operations," Sullivan added.

Apart from the new product, GWI also underwrites and administers Texas Occupational Accident policies and Personal Accident Lines including Blanket Accident, Business Travel Accident and Voluntary AD&D policies.

GWI provides medical stop loss, group accident insurance, and occupational accident insurance, while PALIG’s member companies offer individual and group life, accident and health insurance in the Latin America and the Caribbean.