To automate time-consuming service tasks around life insurance

Pacific Life has integrated its web-based policy management system Planned Performance Tracking with its policy illustration system, Navigator.

Planned Performance Tracking automates and simplifies many of the time-consuming service tasks around life insurance.

A life insurance professional can Compare the values projected in a baseline illustration against a current in-force illustration so adjustments can be made, if needed, to help keep a policy’s performance on track. He will be able to send new business or in-force illustrations from Navigator to Planned Performance Tracking to create a baseline for benchmarking. Moreover, he can schedule future in-force illustrations, which include a policy tracking report by creating a baseline with Navigator and sending it to Planned Performance Tracking.

Tim Shaheen, assistant vice president of sales and marketing operations for the Life Insurance Division of Pacific Life, said: “We’re finding that some insurance professionals are recommending our life insurance products to clients not only for the attractive features, but also because Planned Performance Tracking helps the insurance professional give the client the kind of quality service the client expects.”

Life insurance professionals can use Planned Performance Tracking to quickly create client-ready policy reports, set alerts for future policy changes, create instant cash value reports for corporate clients and even help a policy from lapsing by receiving automatic eAlerts when a policy enters the grace or lapse period.